Fibre Intake in Pregnancy

fibre nutrtitioninpregnancy May 22, 2022

We always encourage you to have plenty of fibre in your diet and hit recommended intake by life stage and age but it's important to know how different foods offer varying amounts of fibre so you can actually hit those targets. They may surprise you!

1-3 yo 14g daily
4-8 yo 18g daily

9-13 yo 24g daily
14-18 yo 28g daily

9-13 yo 20g daily
14-18 yo 22g daily

Women 25g daily
Men 30g daily

In pregnancy and lactation fibre demands increase significantly:
Pregnant women 28g fibre
Lactating women 30g fibre

*Recommendations / AI set via

We can acquire plentiful amounts of fibre from plant foods - fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, legumes and whole grains - eat them abundantly!
1 apple = 2.4g
1 banana = 3.1g
1 kiwi = 3g (eat the skin if you like, as it increases fibre)
1 cup rolled oats = 7.5g
1 cup rocket = 1.6g
1 cup baby spinach = 1g
1 carrot = 1.7g
1/2 avocado = 4.6g
1 cup cooked brown rice = 3.5g
1 cup cooked whole wheat pasta = 4g
1 cup cooked chickpeas = 12.5 g (GOLD STAR!)
1 cup cooked lentils = 15.6g (TRIPLE GOLD STAR!!!)
1 slice white sourdough bread = 2g

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